Ralph Moore (BS '62)

I and a partner founded Micro Digital in 1975. Our first project used an 8080 processor. In 1989 I and my older son, Alan, developed the smx RTOS kernel. He left a few years later and my younger son, David, joined the Company. He and I have been improving and selling the SMX RTOS ever since. After a 20 year stint, by me, in sales and marketing, he has taken over those function and I have been doing programming for the last 5 years. I am now working on support for Memory Protection Units (MPUs), which provide improved security for Things in the IoT. I enjoy my work because I am continually learning new things, solving problems, and creating code that implements those solutions. This is kind of like solving the Strong problems if any of you remember them. I am not using much physics, but I think the problem solving I learned at Caltech has been beneficial throughout my career.

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