Patrick Piccione (PhD '02)

Everyday life saw a major change with our April move to Basel. Our son Giovanni now gets around very comfortably on his own, and we have recently started running around the house as the new game "where's Papa?" We have an apartment close to the zoo, to which a season's pass has proven a great idea. Basel itself is a compact city with a lot to offer, we quite like it. The one thing we need to keep working on is our German. Giovanni is now starting to talk which is very interesting & exciting!
Work has been going well: projects in both traditional chemical engineering science and the newer seeds engineering. I also lead the strategy on "maths and data science" for "Technology & Engineering" (~1000 people). We are putting more emphasis on creating tools so I need to think more about software and interfaces. In parallel several papers on modelling have come out via external collaborations. Syngenta has been the target of an acquisition bid from ChemChina, the implications of which will take time to become apparent.

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