Parker MacCready (MS '86)

I have been on the faculty at UW in Oceanography for the past couple decades, studying the physical oceanography of coastal and estuarine waters. These days my work on geophysical fluid dynamics finds application to practical problems such as ocean acidification and harmful algal blooms, especially as they affect shellfish and salmon. A favorite tool is realistic numerical simulations, and I run a daily forecast model called LiveOcean for waters of the NE Pacific and Puget Sound.

My wife Molly Knox and I live in a rural area outside of Olympia, Washington, near the Sound. We have two kids. Jill, 23, is a senior at Claremont McKenna College studying neurobiology. Henry, 18, is a senior at Olympia High School.

Having now taught many classes on fluid dynamics, I am eternally impressed with the amazing education I received in my few years at Caltech.

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