Larry Meixner (BS '84)

After a path that took me (since Caltech) from CA to CO to PA to UT to CA, I got married (2003), had a son (2007), and settled down... or so we thought. But in 2011, we moved to Washington state, as I had the opportunity to lead the U.S. R&D subsidiary of Sharp Corporation of Japan. This was the culmination of a path that started at age 42 when I was first traveled to Japan and was introduced to its language and culture. My wife is also Japanese, and we are raising 8-year-old son Kano (means "possibilities" in Japanese) bilingually and biculturally, so that he can understand the true breadth and diversity this world has to offer. I travel to Japan about 6 times per year, and have finally reached the point that I only rarely use English on those trips. One of many highlights for me was climbing Mt. Fuji to the summit in July 2014. We love the natural beauty and pace of the Pacific Northwest and invite our old friends to drop in and say hello!

(Photo - climbing Mt. Fuji, 2014)

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