Joseph Kiniry (PhD '02)

Over the past four years I have been (1) the Full Professor of Computer Science and Head of the Software Engineering Section at the Technical University of Denmark, (2) a Principal Investigator at Galois in Portland, leading R&D work for the federal government and large public corporations on topics in formal verification, high assurance cryptography, rigorous systems engineering, and applied formal methods, and (3) the founder, CEO, and Chief Scientist of Free & Fair. Free & Fair creates open source high assurance elections systems, and is meant to-based upon my last sixteen years of work in elections integrity in four countries-revolutionize the global market of proprietary, insecure, election systems though transparency. I was also involved in the scientific work behind the recount and audit activities in the Presidential Election, am on the Board of Advisors of Verified Voting, am in the Coordinating Committee of the Elections Verification Network, am involved in crafting new federal standards for election systems and cryptography, and have co-written two books, one on end-to-end verifiable internet voting and the other on Cryptol, Galois's open source tool suite for high assurance cryptography.

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