John Cooper (BS '60)

After obtaining my PhD in Chemistry from Berkeley, I taught at Makerere University College, Kampala, Uganda and at Carleton College Northfield, MN, before taking a permanent position at Bucknell.

I retired in 2003 and have since spent my time doing things I never had time for on the job: reading, thinking and writing, principally in that order. I wrote for the Axis of Logic, 2005-6, until I found that others were saying what I had to say, better and more thoroughly. I received commendations from the local ACLU and others for letters to the local rag but Orwell wrote that most writers don't know when to quit. I did. I took up the trombone again to see how good I could get and when I reached my limit I set that aside, too.

I have two daughters, one from each of my two marriages. They are each special, unique, distinct and separate individuals and I am very proud of both of them.

My second wife, now of 37 years, and I live in central PA, enjoying the substantial cultural advantages provided by the University and the pleasures of rural PA's meadows and 'mountains' without the hassles of urban or suburban environs.

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