Hojin Ahn (BS '85, MS '86, PhD '89)

I was at Lloyd house (1982-1985). My Ph.D. research was usually conducted at Thomas Building and Spaulding Building subbasement. After finishing my degree, I worked at The Aerospace Corporation for 7 years. Subsequently I moved to Istanbul, Turkey where I live past 20 years. Once in a while I had chances to visit Caltech, including the symposium honoring Prof. Chris E. Brennen (my Ph.D. advisor) at his retirement in 2010. I was also saddened by the recent passing of Prof. Rolf H. Sabersky who used to be my B.S. and M.S. advisor until his retirement. Four years ago my son entered Caltech and became a member at Lloyd house as I did. Since then, I feel my connection to Caltech rejuvenated. I am planning to visit this June to attend his graduation. The following photo shows Prof. C.E. Brennen and R.H. Sabersky with me.

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