Dwight Moberg (MS '57)

Thanks to heart valve replacement, COPD, pneumonia & prostate cancer I've slowed down a bit. I did manage to run every day for 32 years and 3 months before the heart surgery, doing 28 marathons and 456 races in the process. Since "retirement" in '97, I've been working half time for Econoday.com, giving you real time updates of economic indicator releases and FOMC news. More significant career accomplishments were serving as Program Manager for the Apollo Reaction Control Engine at Marquardt, and as Program Manager of the MIRACL high energy laser for 10 years at TRW. Before CalTech, I had spent 2 years in the USAF as a Nuclear Weapons Officer, directing bomb assembly for
B-36's, eventually retiring as a Lt.Colonel. My wife June and I will have been married for 62 years this February 19, and we have been enjoying the pleasure of trying to head our 5 grandchildren in the right directions. Our eldest grandson has applied for a STEM fellowship at JPL and our youngest granddaughter has just applied for entrance to CalTech. During the coming year, we hope to go on our 40th cruise, although that would mean leaving our great weather in Manhattan Beach, where we've been since 1972.

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