Wilson Chin (MS '72)

After earning my M.Sc. in 1972, I continued at M.I.T. where I received my Ph.D. in 1976, both degrees in Aerospace Engineering. However, my endeavors in aviation did not last long. In 1981, my interests turned to petroleum engineering, where I would literally spend the next few decades. During the past several years, I have published sixteen research monographs with John Wiley and Sons, and Elsevier Scientific Publishing, disseminating my original work in several specialties vital to oil and gas exploration and production. You can learn more at my website www.stratamagnetic.com. My latest project, however, is not technical - but a highly personal memoir for which I am seeking literary agent representation - if any of you can recommend an agent or publisher who would be excited by the title below, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

Coming of Age in America -
An Asian-American M.I.T. Ph.D.'s Trek from Ghettos, Divorce and Layoffs to Discovery


In Their Own Words