Joseph Colucci (MS '59)

In April 2017, I will receive the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Arnold W. Siegel Humanitarian Award. The Award honors those whose mobility industry contributions have created positive, lasting social benefits for mankind.

The Award recognizes the numerous contributions from all of the members of the Fuels and Lubricants department whose efforts pioneered the adoption of catalytic converters, unleaded gasoline and reformulated gasoline among other things. They also led efforts to improve fuels and lubricants quality on a worldwide basis.

I was fortunate enough to have led the department for 20 years, being involved with the R&D, and helping implement the adoption of these and many other environment improving technologies, which have cleaned the air and improved public health worldwide and resulted in vehicles requiring less maintenance and attention.

I will receive the award along with five other individuals involved with management of the department.

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