Arthur (Bam) Spaulding (BS' 49, MS '58)

Lately, I had occasion to visit the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, an experience everyone should have to appreciate the efforts made by the United States to preserve our freedoms. An outgrowth of this visit was the startling revelation that a member of my squad at the very time I was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge in January, 1945 was still living in St. Jo., Missouri. He reported the details of this incident in his interview exactly as I did in mine. Talk about incredible possibilities, this one is the epitome of the improbable -- 72 years after the event.

Otherwise, I continue to play swing/jazz saxophone in two bands in Ventura County, and I invite everyone who likes the music of the '40's and later to join me.

Art (Bam) Spaulding
Former Sergeant, 91st Chemical Mortar Battalion

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