Bruce Abell (BS '62)

After a three-city career (Pasadena, Washington, DC, and Santa Fe), I'm now spending more of my retirement time than I had expected organizing local scientists and engineers (of whom there are many in Santa Fe) to provide help in local schools (which need a lot of help). I'm joined by my 1962 classmate Dean Gerber, who co-organizes science fairs with me. Along with Ed Angel, '64, we're among about 100 volunteers who comprise the Santa Fe Alliance for Science ( Previously I had been a founder of the Santa Fe Center for Emergent Strategies, vice president of Santa Fe Institute, worked at NSF, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, a Washington think tank, and even Caltech in my youth. Our daughters (an archaeologist and a conservation biologist) were born in Pasadena but raised on the east coast, where they live with their families. Nancy and I accumulate a lot of frequent flyer miles visiting our four grandchildren.

Any Caltech people in my area who would like to do some work with students, contact us through our website.

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