LinkedIn: How to Find Alumni

Now that you have setup your profile you have access to over 15,000 fellow Techers through LinkedIn - but how do you find alums in your area of expertise or geographic region?

LinkedIn has new alumni tools under the main Caltech LinkedIn page. To get started select "Find Alumni" under the "Network" tab.


This will bring you to a widget that allows you to search by location, where alums work, what they do, what they studied, what they’re skilled at, and how you are connected to them on LinkedIn. You can (1) refine your search by date (2) change your school if Caltech isn't listed as the most recent on your profile (3) scroll to see more categories.


For example, I am interested in aerospace engineering and have selected the Greater Los Angeles area and Northrup Grumman. Under Programs and Product Management, I see Tim Boyd is an experienced systems engineer and could be an interesting alum to reach out to.  


Next I go back to the Caltech Alumni group, select "See All Members" and search for Tim. I can select "Send Message" and craft a great approach email to Tim asking for ten minutes of his time to ask a couple questions about his career at Northrup Grumman. See the guide "How to Connect with Caltech Alumni" for more info on writing an approach email.

See Members.png