LinkedIn: How to use the CHAT Network

How do I find Caltech Alumni through the CHAT Network at a company or in a field I am interested in?


1. First, join the Caltech Alumni Association Group on LinkedIn. Then you will able to join the CHAT Network in the subgroup area.

2. There are a couple options to search for group members relevant to you. Once you join, you can browse group member profiles by selecting the "members" link in the upper right hand corner of the page.

3. You can also used the advanced search function to filter group members by keywords, title, company, school and location.

04 Select Advanced Search.png

4. Make sure the CHAT Network group is checked and to search the largest group possible check "3rd + Everyone Else"

5. Once you've found interesting alums you would like to reach out to, please see the "How to Connect with Caltech Alumni" guide.