Caltech Alumni Association (CAA)
Board of Directors

Mission Statement

To promote the interests of Caltech as a world standard of academic excellence by strengthening the ties of goodwill and communication between the Institute, its alumni, and its students, and by maintaining programs to serve their needs.

Vision Statement

The Caltech Alumni Association celebrates the unique value and character of the Caltech experience and empowers the alumni community to thrive and connect with Caltech and each other.


Increase awareness and engagement of the alumni community and network among alumni and current students for example by

  • Creating diverse in-person and virtual programs to increase overall and unique alumni participation.
  • Providing opportunities for Caltech alumni to contribute to Caltech, both financially and in terms of our knowledge, time, and expertise.
  • Attracting, retaining, and supporting volunteer leaders.
  • Communicating the impact and achievements of alumni to Caltech students, alumni, and Caltech.

Provide career support for alumni and build an active alumni network that connects alumni and current students for example by

  • Creating an environment where the alumni network is the go-to place for advice, support, counseling, mentorship, job leads, and top-notch hires.
  • Creating an environment in which Caltech alumni are preferred for roles in all industries, especially those roles that are opened by other Caltech alumni. 
  • Creating an environment in which job transitions are made easier by virtue of being a part of the Caltech alumni network. 
  • Helping Caltech students to build upon the success of Caltech alumni.
  • Creating professional networking opportunities for alumni and students.
  • Providing opportunities for alumni to mentor alumni and students.

Increase engagement with current Caltech students for example by

  • Using the combined knowledge and wisdom of current alumni to benefit future alumni. 
  • Facilitating active participation by Caltech alumni in student life to provide support, mentorship, advice and advocacy so that today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders, and ensure the continuity of Caltech’s outsized contributions to the world at-large. 
  • Engaging on campus with students, Houses, divisions, etc.
  • Increasing alumni engagement and visibility among students so that they become active alumni.

Provide lifelong learning opportunities for alumni for example by

  • Creating an environment where alumni enjoy access to the entire breadth of cutting-edge research, thought leadership, and science and technology advances that are an inherent part of Caltech. 
  • Delivering life-long learning opportunities that stem not only from the current Caltech faculty but also from the experiences and expertise of its entire community including alumni. 

Increase membership and participation in the CAA for example by

  • Communicating how the CAA helps support programs, events and communications that support the alumni community.  
  • Creating an environment in which alumni consider the work of the CAA as valuable to themselves and their community. 
  • Attracting and retaining life and annual members.
  • Exploring opportunities for creating an endowment so that we have the opportunity to consider alternate membership models.

Build a highly effective, vibrant, healthy, responsive, forward-thinking CAA board for example by

  • Being a guardian of the mission of the CAA.
  • Governing in the fiduciary, strategic and generative modes.
  • Monitoring organizational performance, ensuring meeting of legal requirements, developing and conserving the organization’s resources, serving as advocates for the organization.
  • Identifying needs of the CAA and recruiting board members whose talents/expertise will help meet those needs.
  • Providing training and development opportunities for board members around best practices of exceptional boards.

Strengthen the mutually-beneficial relationship with Caltech for example by

  • Regularly communicating the positive impact that the CAA has on Caltech and that alumni have on Caltech.
  • Finding ways to show alumni that they are valued by Caltech and the CAA.
  • Facilitating communication between alumni and the Institute.