FAQ: Caltech Alumni Association Board of Director Selection Process

This serves as and FAQ for the Caltech Alumni Association (CAA) selection process. CAA Bylaws serve as the governing document for this process.


Only the following persons are eligible for the CAA board of directors: Alumni of Caltech including current faculty, former students who attended Caltech for one year and left in good standing, and postdoctoral scholars of Caltech. All persons must be members of the Caltech Alumni Association.


The Nomination Proposal Committee shall be appointed by the CAA board president and generally consists of the current board of directors’ Executive Committee and the CAA’s four most recent past presidents. The committee is chaired by the immediate past president. The Executive Director of the CAA serves Ex-Officio on this committee.

In selecting board candidates, the Nomination Proposal Committee shall give attention to geographic representation, age, gender, ethnicity, and other factors that may be relevant. Membership on the board should be broad enough to reflect the diverse perspectives of Caltech alumni.

The board of directors is made up of 15-22 members serving one or three year terms.

In addition to the Executive Committee who serve one year terms, the CAA may bring on up to five new board members each year to serve three year terms and one board member to serve a one year term.

The Nomination Proposal Committee makes candidate recommendations to the CAA board of directors by March 1 of each year for their formal nomination and final approval by the membership at the annual meeting. The Vice-President shall be proposed by the Nomination Proposal Committee for the position of President if such person is qualified, willing and able to serve in that capacity.

No later than April 1, the slate of nominees is published in the annual letter sent in print to all members of the CAA not less than 10 days nor more than 90 days before the annual meeting.

The vote for the recommended slate of new board member candidates takes place at the annual meeting in June.

Upon election the names of the newly appointed board members shall be published in one or more appropriate CAA publications. 


"Board of Directors" means The Board of Directors of the Caltech Alumni Association

"Nomination Proposal Committee" means the Committee appointed pursuant to the Bylaws of the Caltech Alumni Association.