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Chang Career Exploration Prize


2021 Recipients
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2020 Recipients
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2019 Recipients
Computer Science, History

Niv Karthikeyan was awarded the 2020 Chang Prize for her proposed project “Intersections: Building Solidarity Through Community Archives,” which intends to construct and share a new online community archive recording how people of color have historically created alliances, coalitions, and communities with other racial minorities in the United States.

2018 Recipients
Computer Science

Preethi Periyakoil was an Associate Software Engineer at Salesforce in San Francisco who recently began as an MD/PhD student in the Tri-Institutional Program at Weill Cornell Medical College. However, it was her experience volunteering as a crisis counselor for the San Francisco Suicide Prevention hotline that inspired her project. Supported by Chang Prize funding, Periyakoil will explore launching a platform to reduce college campus suicides and suicide attempts by providing 24-hour emotional support for those in need.


Nicole Tetreault is a neuroscientist, researcher, author, meditation teacher, and national speaker. While Tetreault has experience using her skills in neuroscience, she is particularly excited to combine her passions to help people who are suffering. She plans to use the Chang Prize funding to develop an educational program to help incarcerated women who may be suffering from physical, mental, and emotional trauma.

2017 Recipients
Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

Kyle Lakatos used the Chang Prize funding to explore how to incorporate early childhood development health services into community centers in the San Francisco Bay Area by developing training materials for use in community centers and other non-traditional healthcare spaces. His work helps to combat health inequities by bringing early childhood development training to underserved and marginalized populations.

Economics and Applied and Computational Mathematics

Sean McKenna became interested in exploring the housing crisis through his work as a research assistant at the Rand Corporation. The Chang Prize allowed him to spend a year connecting with residents, housing developers, homeless shelters, technology innovators, and policymakers in California and Washington, DC to learn more about the roots of the housing crisis.

2016 Recipients
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2015 Recipients
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Recipients Before 2015

Athena Castro ’14
John Hall ’13
Nancy Lan ’13
Arlana Silver ’13
Doug Smith ’12
Harold Cassriel ’11
Amnon Yariv ’11
Elizabeth Allen ’10
Dean Bond ’10
Clinton Dodd ’10
Thomas M. Gutman ’10
Sandra Marbut ’10
Andrew B. Shaindlin ’10

Karen Carlson ’09
Jean-Lou Chameau ’08
Carol  Carmichael ’08
Donald G. Caldwell ’07
Ms. Carol Casey ’07
Kevin Austin ’06
William L. Caton, III ’06
John D. Baldeschwieler ’05
Jane Dietrich ’05
Larry Gilbert ’05
Gaylord Nick Nichols ’04
Edward Stolper ’04
Thomas Tombrello ’04

William Bridges ’03
David Goodstein ’03
Thomas Mannion ’03
William Bing ’02
Delores Bing ’02
Hall Daily ’02
Sharyn Slavin Miller ’02
Suzette Cummings ’01
Warren Emery* ’01
Tom Apostol ’01
Arden Albee ’00
Sue Borrego ’00
Barbara Green ’00

David Baltimore ’99
Alice Huang ’99
Shirley Marneus ’99
Jean-Paul Revel ’99
J. Ernest Nunnally ’98
Doris Everhart ’97
Monica Hubbard ’97
Judith Amis ’96
Thomas Anderson ’96
Edith Roberts* ’96
F. Rosemary Wyllie ’96
William Schaefer ’95
Jack Smith* ’95

Judith Goodstein ’94
Stan Borodinsky ’94
Geraldine Silver ’93
Arrola DuBridge* ’92
Jeanne Noda ’92
Amytis Barrett* ’91
James Knowles* ’91
Carolyn Merkel (Ash) ’91
Robert O'Rourke ’91
Calvin Ames* ’90
David Wales ’90

Janet Davis ’89
Nan Hopkins* ’89
Theodore Hurwitz ’89
John Roberts ’89
Christopher Brennen ’88
Thomas Everhart ’88
Tsutomu Ohshima ’88
Robert Oliver* ’87
Fredrick Shair ’86
David Smith* ’86
Sunney Chan ’85

James Morgan ’84
David Morrisroe* ’84
Ray Owen ’83
J. Kent Clark* ’82
Phyllis Jelinek ’82
Hans Liepmann* ’81
Rodman Paul* ’81
Edward Preisler* ’81
Jesse Greenstein* ’80
Edwin Munger* ’80

Marvin Goldberger ’79
Harry Gray ’79
Bruce Murray ’79
Robert Christy ’78
Robert Gray* ’78
R. Stanton Avery* ’77
Robert Huttenback ’76
Herbert Hahn* ’75
H. Frederic Bohnenblust* ’74
Horace Gilbert* ’74
Bert La Brucherie* ’73

Robert Daugherty* ’73
James B. Black ’72
Harold Brown ’71
Robert Bacher* ’70
Olaf Frodsham* ’70
Edward Hutchings, Jr.* ’69
Wesley Hershey* ’67
Floyd Hanes* ’66
Harold Musselman* ’65
William Lacey* ’65

J.E. Wallace Sterling* ’49
Royal Sorensen* ’48
Lee DuBridge* ’47
George MacMinn* ’47
Robert Millikan* ’47
W. Howard Clapp* ’43
Charles Schweiso* ’32

* deceased