Neighborhoods for Neurons: A community approach for early childhood development in San Francisco

Kyle Lakatos (MS ’14)


Hello again everyone, it is with great enthusiasm I share with you all that I have accepted an offer of admission to UC San Francisco School of Medicine starting Fall 2019. As many of you know, during our initial conversations I may have mentioned my intent to matriculate this Fall but had not solidified plans on where I would end up. In sincerity, I am truly honored and excited to spend the next 5 years of my training in an enriching educational environment and to be surrounded by like-minded pioneers for health. Most pertinent to each of you, this allows me the opportunity to remain local during my medical training and to be more proactively involved in driving this work forward. Going to UCSF is idyllic for continuing to monitor, evaluate, and grow the efforts and impact of this project.

To no one’s surprise, medical school is expected to require a significant portion of my time and energy. Luckily, we accounted for this early in the planning process so that I could retain a leadership role while also maintaining my studies. First, the work has received positive attention from established health equity programs at ZSFG and we have built a collaboration to maintain the core workflow as I ramp down my involvement. Secondly, I am looking to collaborate with medical students who share my vision for a future where health is within reach for everyone and are able to help provide support to our community partners. I believe in emboldening a culture of empowerment, to draw on the strength of others, and together we can create extraordinary things.

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