Neighborhoods for Neurons: A community approach for early childhood development in San Francisco

Kyle Lakatos (MS ’14)

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Hello all, this is my first update regarding the progress of my ongoing work related to expanding the early childhood development services in San Francisco. As a brief introduction, my name is Kyle Lakatos I am an aspiring physician and policy maker. I am California native, who grew up in the SF Bay Area for most of my life. Prior to this work I held a dual-role in Seattle, WA as a college professor (Seattle Central College) and as a vaccine scientist for a global health non-profit (PATH). Currently, I am teaming up with San Francisco Health Network (SFHN) to identify a community sourced and sustained early childhood development intervention. Given all the great work ongoing in the San Francisco, I am excited to get involved and see where I can leave my footprints on this ever advancing trail.

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