The Women’s Mentorship Program

Did you know that 44% of CEOs list mentoring programs as one of the 3 most effective strategies to enhance women’s advancement to senior management? Are you interested in connecting with other Caltech alumnae in a similar field? If so, we invite you to consider joining the pilot Women’s Mentorship Program from February-July, 2016. 

The Program matches recent graduates (approximately two years removed from Caltech) with mid-career alumnae for a one-to-one mentoring experience, providing support for recent grad alumnae as they negotiate their academic, professional, and personal development. Each mentoring match will meet over a six month period and commit to at least one hour of contact per month—conversations may take place in person, via email, Skype, or other platforms, depending on the preference of each pair. 

Completed surveys for prospective mentors & mentees should be submitted online by January 22, 2016. Mentor/Mentee matches will be finalized during the last week of January, with notification via email by January 29. 

Questions? Please call or email Lisa Unangst, Manager of Student Engagement & Alumni Programs, at 626-395-1462 or with any questions or concerns.

What's involved?

The Match
The foundation of the program is the individual, one-to-one connection that is fostered between mentor and mentee. These individual mentoring conversations are where the matches discuss professional & personal issues; set and work toward goals; problem solve; and celebrate successes. Matches are required to speak at least once a month. How do we make these matches? Prospective Mentors/Mentees will complete an application survey, in which they will outline their own professional roles, goals, and what factors are most important to them in a successful mentor/mentee relationship. 

The Resources
Participants are able to participate in a private LinkedIn group – complete with topical discussions and resources—as well as access to a richer network of Caltech mentors and mentees.

The Feedback
Participants will be invited to give feedback at several points over the course of the mentorship program, and CAA staff will respond and modify accordingly. A secondary aim of the program is to evaluate whether this model may be scaled to serve a larger proportion of Caltech alumnae, and as such your feedback is invaluable. 

Why Mentorship
Sun Microsystems has found that employees who received mentoring were promoted five times more frequently than those who did not, and those who provided mentoring were six times more likely to be promoted. Mentorship represents a mutually beneficial relationship: it is a skill builder for mentees and mentors alike, and allows both parties to establish a rapport with a professional in the same field who can be a resource for years to come.

Please call or email Lisa Unangst, Manager of Student Engagement & Alumni Programs, at 626-395-1462 or with any questions or concerns. This program is sponsored by the Caltech Alumni Association, and further information may be found on the CAA website.