Student Alumni Committees


Members of the undergraduate and graduate Student Alumni Committees (SAC) help the Caltech Alumni Association with programs and events that build community, connect students with alumni, and foster lifelong intellectual and emotional connections with the institute. We work to inspire Caltech pride and strengthen the bond that current students have with institute, their class, and the entire alumni family. We provide professional, social, and service opportunities to current students.  Both committees are made up of students from all houses, cohorts, lab groups, and programs.

What We Do

The SAC supports CAA programs and events that build class community, connects students and alumni, and foster goodwill towards Caltech. We plan lots of programs and events such as:

A few key responsibilities include:

  • Assembling and coordinating student reunion volunteers needed for alumni relations events
  • Helping the CAA staff facilitate Reunion Weekend and Seminar Day
  • Fostering student-alumni connections at Reunion Weekend and other various alumni events
  • Acting as representatives of the current Caltech students to the alumni community
  • Serve as student facilitators for Dinner with Techers as well as the liaison between alumni and CAA for TecherTrek company site visits

What SAC members receive:

  • Have exclusive access to Caltech alumni. Receive insider training and knowledge of alumni events, exposure to career opportunities and networking.
  • Obtain leadership experience through student facilitator, ambassador, and liaison roles
  • Host fun volunteer opportunities

Being a member of the SAC provides unique opportunities to get to know other students, plan events for your cohort and the rest of the student body, develop your leadership skills, connect with alumni, and so much more.
Recruitment is year-round. All undergraduate and graduate students are welcomed and encouraged to join. The time commitment is one year.
Interested in joining or have questions? Email email Isabelle Wright at