Introducing CHAT

Need help?

You have the skills and talent —  but you're not sure where to start. Find a network of alumni volunteers on LinkedIn who are willing to help out. 

Want to help?

You have years of experience, and now you're ready to help other Techers. Let alumni and students know that you're open to take questions.

Just look for the "Ask Me" badge. Then go ahead and ask —
You've got a green light.

Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

The CHAT network is about making contacts and sharing information. The purpose of the group is to facilitate discussion within the alumni community regarding the career development process. 


Please Do:

  • Ask members for advice
  • Post career related discussions
  • Offer tips
  • Be inventive
  • Be professional

Please Don't:

  • Ask members for a job
  • Engage in self promotion
  • Post jobs (for that: we offer Techerlink)
  • Post purely social discussions (for that: we offer our Facebook Group)



Read the full guidelines, here »

The Caltech Alumni Association reserves the right to revoke access to this group at any time. Questions? Contact our office at (626) 395-3122. We appreciate all feedback!